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The course project can be one of three types

  1. Review a Clinical Case (see UT Houston Radiology Interesting Case Files)
  2. Review a Scientific Paper (see List of Scientific Journals)
  3. Write a MATLAB program demonstrating some element of the course

Milestone 1: (due September 29) Brief description of your project

  1. Clinical Case: Identify the case number and title for the particular case from the UT Houston link above, e.g., "0179 Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis", and give a brief description of the pathology and imaging modality (modalities) used to diagnose it. By the end of the project, you will be expected to deliver a detailed description of the case, the underlying medical conditions in the differential diagnosis, and the manner in which imaging is used to diagnose it. Please download the file from the UT website by clicking on the number of the case study, from the second portion of the list. You can then open these powerpoint presentations in “read only” mode without a password. The first batch, where the link is the name of the study rather than the number seem to need a password even for “read only” access, when opening with powerpoint, though Mac's Keynote does seem to be able to open them.
  2. Scientific Paper: Identify the full reference of the paper you have chosen (most likely from the list of papers at the link above, but in any case, from a peer-reviewed scientific journal), and either supply a link to an open-source version of the full paper (viewable from any browser, not just at Pitt) or deposit a pdf of the full paper along with your description. By the end of the project, you will be expected to deliver a detailed description and analysis of the paper, including the scientific background of the field to which it pertains.
  3. MATLAB program: Describe the goal of the program in terms of the course. It should demonstrate something substantial in terms of image reconstruction, image processing, image analysis, or visualization. By the end of the project, you will be expected to deliver a well documented program with an interface suitable for classroom demonstration, along with a paper describing the software's operation and underlying principles as it relates to the class. You can use toolboxes, but the 30 hours of expected effort must still be evident.