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Engr 0501 - Music Engineering

ENGR 0501: Music Engineering (Honors Course)

Instructors: George Stetten and Alan Degenhart

Credits: 1

Term: Fall and Spring

Where/When: 305 Benedum Hall - Tuesday or Wednesday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Description: An honors course directed toward development of basic skills in recording engineering through expanded understanding of the science and engineering of music. The course will use the Music Engineering Laboratory (MEL) located in 305 Benedum Hall. The MEL is a state-of-the-art sound recording facility for music production.
NOTE: Course is graded on attendance (required) and a final project.

Prerequisites: Instructor permission (Fill out application form). Engineering students are given priority, as are Seniors and Juniors.    

Course Objectives: Students will demonstrate proficiency in using and maintaining the resources in the MEL.  

Topics Covered:

  1. Recording engineering (microphones, amplifiers, mixing, filtering, special effects)
  2. Basic harmony.
  3. History and theory of electronic instruments.

Additional Description: Topics

Class/Laboratory Schedule: Class meets once a week for 60 minutes. Attendance is required. Additionally, students will schedule time in the MEL for individual projects.